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Things are getting better. I would have never in my younger years thought I would be in an open relationship ever. I also would have never considered that I would be ok with any partner of mine sleeping with someone else. Its very interested how we evolve and grow as individuals.

I do struggle with what I called irrational unfounded fears though. Like I worry that because we are open now he will be sexually or romantically interested in every female he meets. Or that once he has free time he is immedialty going to start spending it seeking out new partners and not spending it with me. Or that that girl Lyndy he slept with had a long standing crush on him and it will get intense again and cause issues between us. These are all unfounded and irrational, except maybe the last one.

I trust him and talk to him about my concerns and generally the conversations help tons and remind me how important we are to each other and that he has no intention of doing anything that would be scandalous. I think I am just dealing with that whole you can't flip a switch and instantly be 100% ok with some you care about possibly caring about others and be ok with sharing them sexually.

How have others helped themselves through this transition? I dont want him to feel like my only pillar of support and crumble under my needs for validation.
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