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Originally Posted by kaduhwin View Post
Funny that you've used the word "prize" as he has a habit of saying that to me. Me being the prize. I have a habit of listening what he has to say, give him the opportunity to prove himself, and fall back into the same problem. Often I wonder if I am getting the genuine version of him, or the"Pick Up Artist" who easily knows hows to sway a situation to their liking...
You are completely head over heals enamored with this guy.
He has demonstrated clear lack of concern for you as a human being.
You are going to stay with him for the foreseeable future.

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and classify your "attempts to break up" with him as a game. You say you are breaking up with him, he shows you a bit of momentary affection and whispers some bullshit to you, you fall for his bullshit and decide to stay with him a bit longer. If you feel like you need to get something more from him you repeat the process.

I'm with nycindie, grow a pair and either accept him for who he is or break up with him. Anything in between is just you playing the same game with him that he is playing with you.
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