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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

Send him an email, along the lines of "Yeah, I could probably get over these feelings. But really, you're just not worth the trouble. You don't show consideration of my needs, you don't empathize with my feelings, and I don't have time to waste on someone like that. Besides, why should I be the one to change? There's nothing wrong with me, we're just not compatible. Have fun with your pick-ups, but I'm out." Then the rest is on you: don't answer his phone calls, don't reply to his messages, and for the love of Spaghetti, don't contact him yourself.
Often there is no understanding coming from him. He's very set in his thinking, so whenever I express discontent or express my issues with insecurity he'll respond with "how unattractive" I am behaving. I've been trying to cope, reading books on buddhism has helped. But it isn't an overnight deal.

It seems like every other day I've contemplated or initiated the breakup. But have a habit to listening to what he has to say, and give him another opportunity.
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