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I think I am meeting OKguy tonight, if my friend agrees to sit, she said she would. I don't want to pay for a sitter for a first meet.
We moved onto texting and been chatting away, which makes me want to meet quicker, see if there is a connection in real life and not waste time if there isn't.
I saw Kip yesterday, my idea.
It was wonderful and amazing, I flew away. No safe words, no numbers, just someone who reads where you are and takes you up or brings you down. There is a difference between being skilled and being skilled and talented. He is skilled and talented. Aggressive and dominant because he is and because he knows that's what I love. Never a worry that the pain becomes more than the pleasure, no ouch that hurts. Wrists gripped, arms pinned, hair pulled, gentle kisses, hugs, hard scratching and biting, knowing where and when is what lifts it up to being a whole body and mind escape. I wanted and needed to be gone in sensation, that is what he does for me. Physical and mental surrender. For those couple of hours I got to forget it all and just live, no thinking, only feeling.
Me: mid 40s female.
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Mr Dom: early 50s . Ex BF and now good friend.
Eeyore: early 50s. FWB for 3+ years.
Mr Chef: late 30s. occasional FB?
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