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Default The animals went in two by two

Interesting discussion with Ocean a few days ago about how some couples tend to only socialise with other couples. There've been a few occasions lately where he's asked me to accompany him to something as his partner, because we were invited as a couple. For example, to a dinner with a colleague and his partner, along with another friend and his partner.

I brought up the fact that I feel odd about such invites. In some part because most of Ocean's friends here don't know I have other partners too. It just doesn't come up, and people make assumptions, etc. For some reason it bugs me to reinforce that assumption.

I also dislike the "couples vibe" of those kinds of gatherings. It feels to me like people aren't fully there as individuals, and it niggles at me. I prefer to take each person for themselves, not necessarily in the context of how they come together in pairs like pepper and salt. I'm being a bit harsh, I know. It's not that rigid, really. But I'd much rather socialise with people who like me and want to hang out with me, independent of how I am connected with other people. And likewise, I prefer to relate to others as themselves, too.

Ocean brought up the point that for some couples who have a bias towards socialising with other couples, it may be almost unconscious. They don't mean to exclude non-couples, they just do. It could be habit, convention, whatever. They probably don't even notice it. However, the fact remains that you would find it hard to 'break into' those social circles, as a single person.

It frustrates me that this is still the case but he's right, I think. I wonder why that is. Dinner sets usually come in multiples of two? Haha.
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