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I think I will have to run this question past my hubby, Cajun. A lot of this sounds similar to what we had gone through minus C. He may be able to give some advice that fits to your side of the equation and what/how you can help. (He also tends to be very verbose like you. )

On my end of things, yes, you both have a healing process to go through but how long it takes just depends. It has taken me months to get through some of the emotional problems that I was having with Elric but then boom! I was ok. Now, instead of missing the more sexual/romantic intimacy that I had been hoping for, I am just missing the friendship that we are trying to foster (if that doesn't make sense, feel free to read my two about drama!)

As for getting B to admit the truth? That has two factors. One, will it be the truth or just the truth as you/she/he wants to see it? And two, will it really help in any way to speed the healing process or will it just make it harder? Always remember, the truth, once set free, cannot be hidden again without undo harm.
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