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Default First Date

So, for the fun of it, I'm posting here:

My partner is going to a party, tomorrow night, with this new girl. First date. I've met her before, we clicked on a friendship level. Both he and I are open to the idea of her being with both of us, though obviously that has to be her decision It's really more that he and I are toying with the idea, than anything. I don't even know if she likes women.

I don't really have any weird feelings, but this is the first girl he's gone on a date with since we've been together (going on three years now).

There's also the whole, him maybe being intimate with another girl, who isn't me, and I'm not involved at all. That also hasn't happened in years.

Just interested in hearing experiences and stories on that same issue

Edit: On the whole issue of "fairness," I have gone on dates the whole time, and, although rarely, had relations with people without him being involved.

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