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How does communication work in your relationship? Does it seem one sided?
2 way street. No, not one sided. When I have something to say, I say it. When he has something to say, he says it. If nobody is not saying anything it means nobody has anything to say right now. Doesn't mean anything is amiss or "wrong."

With my husband and boyfriend it seems like I do most of the work and it's frustrating.
What work? To have a conversation about (?) and engage?

What is it you want from them? Companionship and conversation? More considerateness? Be more present? Something else?

I'll come up with something and they basically say if they agree or not

This is bad how? You don't like them answering you?

I feel like I'm putting words into their mouth.
Because you express something and they answer? Are they good at articulating? Are you talking about relationship management talk and feeling frustrated they don't want to do it when it needs doing?

I wish for once they would bring up a relationship topic and discuss it. I'm always the one that brings up concerns. I tend to think out loud.
Maybe they don't have any concerns, so don't feel the need to discuss.

You are all different people. Stands to reason you will have different needs.

Is it that you want feedback on how YOU are doing in the relationship? Want to know if you are meeting their needs, and don't know how to ask them for this input? And they don't volunteer it?

I am sorry you are frustrated. I can see that you are. But I am not sure what it is you are frustrated about or what you desired outcome is because you do not articulate that clearly.

Hang in there,

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