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So an update.

The wife and I had a couple conversations since yesterday. This mornings conversation was the longest and very productive. I told her that I had been feeling very awkward recently about mu OPP request. I explained I had been speaking with some other people in similar situations and reading a lot about multiple partner relationships. I told her that if she were to become interested in another man in a sexual way - I would not like to discuss it. Her reaction was that she isn't interested at all in other men (at least atm) although if Takeshi Kaneshiro (sp?) showed up on our front step it would be a conversation we would have.

I simply told her that because I am allowed to pursue relations with other women (or men) outside the relationship she should have the same freedom. I simply asked that if she does become interested in another man, that we remain open in communicating about it. She agreed but stated that the likelihood of that is low. If anything she would find another woman if her weekend with her friend does not go as hoped.

We also discussed the mysterious Husband/Girlfriend tagalong. Turns out that my wife discussed that with her friend and the Husband thought that a weekend out of town sounded great. He asked to come along and because the NRE (yay I learned a new term!) is very strong of course he wanted to bring his GF. My wife said she really would like time with Friend before meeting DH/GF. Wife's friend says they might have dinner one night but that won't be until W&F have had a few hours to be comfortable together.
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