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Originally Posted by juber View Post
I'm new here and thought I was coming here for advice but I keep wanting to comment so I hope that's okay.

I'm not a woman but from my perspective I think the general consensus is "More communication." You need to help her come to an understanding of what her comfort level is now and where it needs to be. Be honest about the fact that you are very excited to be physical but if you need to build a foundation first, take heavy petting off the table. Occasional passionate kisses, holding hands, and many other ways of being physically close do not involve touching each others naughty bits.

Also, no matter how tempting it is to go ahead and make out for fun (and in the hopes maybe this time it will go further), I would say keep building other aspects of the relationship and building non-physical intimacy.

Talk about future and each others dreams. Talk about each others past troubles and find ways to comfort each other. In my experience that type of intimacy building leads to sex in a close relationship.
Juber, thank you for commenting....I totally agree with your comments and plan on talking with her asap to sort this all out. I know my post sounds a bit callous but I do care for her a great deal. I'm willing to work with her for a win-win situation.

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