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Originally Posted by lvfcs View Post
Now the sleeping arrangements have always been we all sharing the same bed, with him in the middle. Wich are ok with me, but they tend to become sexual. I am actually very conflicted, because I love him, and I want to continue with this relationship, but at the same time I dont know how to get past this feeling of having to endure something I'm not really comfortable with.

I hope you can shade some light, thx!

I'm a little fuzzy on the above quote. Maybe having a "slow" moment ?

Not sure who the "They" is referring to in this context - "they" being him & her - or "they" being moments ? ("they" become sexual)

But assuming that the "they" is him & her and that you are uncomfortable with the whole 3 way sex part - or being a forced observer, (even if no F/F play is included) then you should definitely just express your discomfort. And we hope it would be respected !

On a second note also, and I hope THIS is something all 3 of you can have a nice discussion on, beds are not ONLY for sex ! As I suspect many here can echo, when there is that deep love between people, all cuddling up sleeping and waking up together is a very special pleasure. Especially for the hinge. It's a shame to have to forgo that simple pleasure because sex interferes with it. Maybe you can work out some sex alternatives that will leave room for that close cuddle time. At least it would be something I would shoot for.

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