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Welcome to being the hinge!

Seriously, people see it as getting to have two relationships, I've even been told I have the best of both worlds. What they don't realize is that it means you are doing TWICE the work.

Now, communication is hard and sometimes yes it feels one sided. I do sometimes feel that while I have two people to support me, that also means I'm supporting two people, so that means if they are both feeling low, I am splitting time. I am doing more listening at times, and sometimes I'm doing more talking.

I suggest you look into some Non Violent Communication, it has a lot of good examples on how to make sure that communication is going well. Sometimes, yes, I get the 'guy thing' from boyfriend especially. So I use some NVC to make sure I am completely hearing and understanding what he DOES say and ask questions for clarification on things I think need to be discussed.
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