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My online dating excursions continue. My date with FWB guy never happened. He canceled again. At this point, if he contacts me and arranges something, I'll consider it. Otherwise, moving on!

I have a date upcoming that I am excited about. With a man I've met IRL previously at a mutual friends' party. We reconnected via OKC. I enjoyed talking with him then and am looking forward to seeing how things go.

I've had a cold that is just lingering. It's maddening. I don't feel that bad but I am coughing more than I like and I get so tired so easily. I don't usually get colds so this is unusual for me. Trying to take it easy but it's been slower than I like.

I'm thinking about reaching out to offer to top people. I would like more experience topping. I feel uncomfortable asking that of Whip in public - and it's been odd in private. I think he may be moving away somewhat from kink. We were talking and he revealed that he doesn't think of himself as being particularly kinky. Definitely a swinger, definitely polyamorous but kinky is not necessarily a core part of his identity. This was interesting to me. I consider myself moderately kinky and would find it hard to be solely vanilla anymore. Anyway, I was surprised it wasn't more integral to him. Also he may be 'kinked out' in some ways. His other partner is way more kinky than either Whip or I (according to Whip - I have not talked to her about this). I wonder if he is rather drained with dealing with the needs of two kinky women. Ahh, first world problems of the man with two girlfriends!
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