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I am glad you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. You deserved a break. I have heard about the awful weather in the States. And I thought GB was bad with the constant blustery conditions!

It is absolutely possible that there were some intuitive feelings surrounding Buddhist. If so, those gut feelings were right.

I hope there will be a mellow period with Ginger. He has had a lot of activity going on the past few months, and I can definitely see where polysaturation might have peaked.

If I were in your shoes, I would have no interest in dating right now. The flood, being sick, Ginger's dating conquests, etc. It has been a busy period. Remember you came across some characters and sad cases (attempted suicide, if I remember correctly), when you were dating. Nothing wrong with being saturated or even burned out. You have two great partners, and things might be back on the path to calm.
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