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This is the first poly relationship for both of us and it has been a learn as you go thing for both of us. I have talked to him and told him I invaded his privacy. He was not upset with me only with himself. After talking things over with him and my husband I will give him ONE more chance. I don't think he understood the openness and honesty this kind of relationship takes.

One issue we both have been dealing with is that we don't know how to treat our relationship, we don't know how it should work. We need to communicate more and figure it out. We have only been seeing each other once a week and that has bothered both of us. I'm married with one child and need to figure out how to balance everything. It's been difficult and my husband doesn't want our daughter involved, so my BF is not allowed to meet her, not even as a family friend.

I should mention that he's been divorced for 9mos. He's the one that wanted the divorce. His ex was controlling and some what emotionally abusive. He had to keep all his stuff inside he shared very little with her. She was also very closed minded. So he does have some issues with being honest and open.

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