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-- Actually, my thanks to whomever posted the original link to the "Bill." I just piggybacked.

Reading through the "Bill" I find that the couple I'm involved with already give me the things listed there. I don't know if they evolved this behavior independently -- I know they discuss ethics and ways of living ethically sometimes -- or whether they absorbed the ideas from various books. Could be some of both, of course. Whatever the genesis, I'm damned lucky: I have personal boundaries, but they've never even started to cross them.

But the main thing, lvfcs, there are vees and triads who have created ethically and aesthetically balanced relationships in which all parties receive consideration. It's done, and done well.

It could be that the couple you are with simply haven't thought about things very carefully. It could be that they can grow the relationship into something that is properly considerate to everyone involved. That would be beautiful.

But if you feel that you are being used, that's another matter. I think everyone on the forum would support you against that.

So, yes, good luck!

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