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Hi all. I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I'd like some advice on terms used by you all to describe your relationship to others.

My situation is this. I'm male and living with a female (call her Sarah) who is married to another male (call him Rick). Sarah and Rick have been married for 6 years and until last year lived with each other as husband and wife (and were comfortable referring to each other in those terms). Sarah still has a loving intimate relationship with Rick but last year moved out to live with me. We are now a Vee, with Rick and myself as the arms and Sarah as the pivot/hinge.

Referring to Sarah as my "partner" doesn't quite seem right as this doesn't quite capture the relationship. And Sarah doesn't feel right referring to Rick simply as her "husband", given that she lives with someone else. Sarah could refer to both myself and Rick as her co-primaries, but this is rather prosaic. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Have you found words that communicate the nature of your relationships in a way you're happy with?

many thanks!
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