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All I want is you but I don't want you to come back.

We really loved. We were all the way there with hearts wide open and now I can't bear the thought of just having a part of you.

You could make it all better. Hold me in your arms and let my tears wash it all away. Perhaps you'd shed a tear too.

But now I know that you can go away. Without a word. Without a thought to how that cuts me to pieces.

Why would I want you back again? To adore the beauty of your face as you talk? For the many, many things that you know warm my heart?

I say don't come back. I know I would just love you. It's all I ever did was love you. It would be the same. Everything forgiven.

But don't come back. I'm broken now and I love you too much to hand you the burden of putting my pieces back together.

Don't come back. I love you.
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