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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
Greetings and welcome. I've been living in Oz for a bit under a year.

Is your girlfriend okay with it? Does this other woman know about your feelings for her? Is she aware of you being polyamorous? I used to believe that you should not ignore feelings for other. As long as everyone is on board and willing, it usually works much more efficiently.

I do hope that you find the forum useful. There truly is a wealth of information from seasoned parties and older members. I hope all is well your way. xo

I've been telling my gf about the girl at work, and my gf knows I'm interested. Still sorting out the whole poly thing with my gf atm, but it's going pretty well. However, my relationship with the GaW is, at the moment, just friends. We've chatted at work mostly, but also got together after her shift one day for lunch and we had a pretty good time. All of this is with my gf's knowledge, of course. I'm completely honest and open with her.

As for the GaW, I'm not sure. I'm sure she knows I like her; I've given her some back rubs when she's had tight knots in her back muscles, but it was never anything really naughty (it's been in public, not private). She knows I have a gf, but I haven't told her that I'm poly. It's hard for me to judge how she'd respond. Sometimes I get the feeling that she'd be okay with it, but sometimes I get the feeling that she'd shy away from doing anything with me because I'm in a relationship.

Thanks for the well wishes.
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