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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Is it a breech of trust if you tell someone you will snoop if you feel you're getting lied to and they go ahead and give you their password? This just doesn't make any sense.....I'm not sure of any reason for giving someone your password if not so they have access to your conversations and other online activity.
I wouldn't presume to know what was in his head, but maybe he thought that giving her the password would eliminate or reduce some of the suspicion. Granted, when she told him a month earlier that she didn't trust him, he probably should have known that she might take measures to find out the truth.

It's very clear that there is poor communication here. No matter the reason, whether he feared losing her or he didn't know how to talk about the new relationship, or she wasn't very convincing when she encouraged him to be honest with her, it's something they both need to work on. But it's not necessarily something they can work on together. :-\
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