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Willowstar, I come from a family similar to your boyfriend. I am loud by nature and nurture. Hubby is an only child. Boyfriend is the younger of 2 boys. Both of them had a single parent. I am the oldest of 6. Thanksgiving dinners include my husband, parents (who got back together in my mid twenties), my siblings and their significant others and children (6 including my son), my ex-step dad and his girlfriend, my ex-step aunt, and my grandmother. Sometimes my cousin, her husband, and their daughter. Imagine trying to be heard in that. As a child, I spent time in foster care and in abusive households, so I have a tendency to either be conflict avoident or insist on having it out right here and now because I don't want to walk on egg shells until the other person is ready to tell me what's wrong. (Lived that way for too long and I'm so done with it.)

That said, I don't believe that relationships are healthy where there are no arguments or disagreements. I feel like in those situations one or more of the people are hiding or holding onto resentments or lack passion.

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