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I'm all screwed up about this. I should know better. A is a Gemini. So was my first wife. They look alike too. My first wife left me while I was out of town and made everyone keep silent about where she went. She was trying to make a clean break. That same week my sister died of Cancer. I remember how I felt then now more than ever. So now I have triggers that have clicked. I knew they were there.

The 180 happened when I went behind her back to invite her husband out for drinks. I don't know if that was the proximate cause though.

I do agree with you on the dime dance but she was fairly constant and I know she loved me... I saw it and felt it. What I've written here is all true. Believe me, I've written a lot more.

The salient thing here is that she told me in not so many words that she was dialing it back. She said that she was going off the pill after returning from her retreat. What that meant was that we wouldn't be having sex anymore. That was the last time I saw her. We made love and she left right after. I didn't ask her what she meant at the time but I knew, then denied it to myself. It wasn't until about three days ago that I fully realized the implications.
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