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My husband and I dont fight a lot. We tend to avoid conflict like the plague. He is NOT good with that kind of emotion. He wears his heart on his sleeve, but if I start to raise my voice at all, even just in a conversation, he stops me and tells me to not be angry... Does not always work or go over well...

BF and I are very different. Have only had a couple large disagreements in the last year we have been together, and one horrendous fight. (Note to self: NEVER text fight again...) He comes from a family where if you dont talk loud, they wont even know you're there. Bickering is just conversation to him. And he can match me and one up me every time. But he and I also talk a LOT. In detail. And we share how we feel about absolutely everything. Even the hard stuff. It is just a very different communication relationship.
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