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Originally Posted by pcflvly View Post
That's me writing to A. She hasn't told me anything but she obviously decided to pull back. I would be fine with that if she could have told me but just cutting me off without any explanation. I'm not into that game. You know how much I love her. Too much. Still no reply. Someday she'll talk to me again but I don't know if I'll talk to her. Fuck.
Strange woman amigo, she seemed ready to dump her husband into the garbage a month or two ago - without really saying much about it. Now she's possibly doing a 180, so don't feel too surprised. Even if she starts talking again, you may want to re-evaluate your position - as you may be much more in love with her than she is with you.

In my experience, people who flip-flop their emotional states on a dime aren't trustworthy. She may have an excuse, and it may be a good one - but it doesn't matter. Completely ignoring you, knowing how you'll feel, is a rotten sign of empathy and disrespect.
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