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Ohuhhhh ... pcflvly, what happened? Who is talking in these quotes? Is this A talking to you? Who was taking what pill and why did they decide to stop?

Intuitively, I get the impression that A has decided to leave you. But I have to say, I don't at all understand why. I thought things were going pretty well? Were you distancing yourself from A somehow?

Intuitively, I get the impression that something very bad is happening to you. (And to A, J, and/or M?) A break-up with A would certainly be a bad thing, but whatever it is, I am sorry and alarmed to hear about it.

I hope you'll be willing to talk a bit more about whatever's happening, but I certainly respect your privacy if it's something you'd rather not talk about. Peace and God bless in any case.

Kevin T.
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