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Ugh. Car buying did not go well yesterday - the seller was missing important signatures and paperwork. So, all that sitting at the MVA and no car to show for it. PunkRockAwesomesauce was snuggly and supportive through it all, so that was great. It sucked that half of our day was wasted though!

My husband, PRA and I had a dinner date together last night and we played trivia together. It went fine for both of my guys, I think, but it was very confusing for me. I had gone out with both M and D before, but never I had felt this way - my body was very confused. D was giving me this come hither look that he always sends me, so that got me fired up. And then PRA would rub my leg or arm and I would get even more excited. But usually what I am very careful of is shifting my response to match the guy I am with. Meaning, I try and funnel my horniness to the man of the moment. But, I had two guys sitting there, smiling at me! I didn't know who to focus on and my brain went fuzzy. I guess there are worse problems to have! I let them both know what was going on, and they both seemed to find it comical. Humph.

PRA had another amazing night last night - we seem to wake up every few hours to have sex. We are both insatiable. Never before have I been with someone who has a drive that matches mine 100%. I keep waiting for this to be a mess somehow, but nope, we match up, for sure. He recharges quickly, likes nothing but to spend time making us both feel great and then wants to wrap me up in a huge hug the rest of the night. What I am most happy about is that I was honestly considering seeing a therapist about my abnormal sexua drive, and seeing what could be done about it. Well, now it is clear that I am NOT abnormal. I just needed to find someone that could keep up.

He has told me several times that he wants this to be life long and permanent. That he loves me and that this was what he has been waiting for. I want to believe him so desperately - never have I felt this way. With my husband, it was different. Just as amazing, but different. With PRA, I just feel like - hello, I believe you are sharing my soul.
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