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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
To be honest, it sounds like your relationship is a very broken one. I feel for you, I really do -- especially because I have been recovering for the last nearly four years from the break-up of my own marriage -- but if I were you, I'd start to consider getting a divorce.

Unless she is willing to open her mind, look at her own faults, and get into therapy with you, I really don't see how any healing can take place.

If you divorce her, you can see your children more than every other week - many divorced people work it so they have their kids 3 or 4 days a week, every week, and alternate it that way. But you really are sad, and miserable, and suffering, and I truly doubt if your wife would actually try to give you any of the things you want. Of course, I am not saying not to try and make every effort to repair it, but you might want to start looking into what you would need to do (legally, financially, etc.) to sever the marriage. There may be some low-cost options in your state.
That option is on the table. And the fact that it is only makes her trust issues and insecurities even stronger.
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