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So here we are 6 months in to a polyamory situation.

Maca and I have found out SO MUCH about each other. It's been AMAZING. We are FINALLY building the marriage I dreamed of us having 22 years ago.
He's finally experiencing the kind of love he's been longing for his whole life (eek probably shouldn't speak for him).
I'm finally feeling accepted for who I REALLY AM by someone other than my baby brother!

I'm still madly in love with GG. We're struggling with details of being "out of the closet". Some days are certainly easier than others. This moment isn't the best, but we'll get there with time.

Tomorrow is 17 years with GG. I'm happy to say that. It's a drop in the bucket from what will be said at our funerals. I hope I'm not last, but if I am, I will happily tell the world at each of their funerals how loving they were to me and how much they meant to me.

The shock of the poor people at the funerals when they find out that I was happily in love with both (if any make it so far without knowing which would be a SHOCK) will be fun to see, even though my tears.

Maca and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage in July (13 years together in March). This November will be 22 years since we met....
But the date I'm really looking forward to is in August-the collaring ceremony. I don't intend to forget any of these special dates, but I think the most precious will be the August date. It's so much more now that we both are on track with each other on the level of commitment we are making.

The other special date I look forward to this year is September 25th. I hope that we will spend it together this year. That will be one year as an official poly-family.

I was going to write it all out-but really, if you want to know, you can go to my blog. Because I'm valuing my time and only a certain amount is available for writing. The rest is going to be used for more.... "expensive" things I value.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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