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Yes, we fight. Sometimes we fight over miscommunication, sometimes over assumptions, and sometimes just because we've had a bad day and need to yell at someone. Sometimes Runic Wolf and Wendigo fight as well. This happened a few months ago, when Runic Wolf and I were arguing and Wendigo noticed he was upset at work. He tried to find out what was wrong and Runic Wolf shut him out in a way that triggered Wendigo. Sometimes it isn't about lack of communication but about being conscious of sending and receiving. They sorted it out, but not before I had to step in and point out how what Runic Wolf had said (and the way he said it) must have sounded to Wendigo.

For us, we can individually have calm, rational discussions, and think we've got everything sorted, then someone gets triggered and we have a not so calm, irrational, emotional argument, which leads to a calmer, but deeper discussion. Runic Wolf is bi-polar and often tells me that just because he knows what he is feeling is irrational, doesn't make it feel any less real to him and that emotions aren't rational. So sometimes we need to have a fight so that he'll open up about what irrational thoughts are running rampant through his head ripping open all the old wounds to his psyche. He likes to think that he's protecting me from the darkness and being noble battling it all in his head, but I explained to him that it doesn't feel that way to us when he isn't able to keep it in his head and it spills out over our relationship, his friendship with Wendigo, and my relationship with Wendigo.
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