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We agreed to tell each other if we even if it might be a possibility. For example... If either of us planned on going on a date we said we would let the other know. If it was unplanned and we ended up kissing someone or more we would tell.
I've been honest and have told him about one guy that I was interested in, but then decided later that I wasn't.

I have asked him.....when was the last time you kissed someone else? He said before we got together. LIE real answer a week ago!
Are you interested in anyone or gone on any dates recently? His answer... Not since we got serious. Real answer last week!
The girl he wants to have sex with is recently single and just about a month ago he told me he was attracted to her and would go for it if she was single. When I asked about her last night his answer was he is no longer interested and will remain just friends. according to the text I saw things got pretty hot during a make out session just last week!!

I have no idea why he would lie to my face. I'm like you I like to hear about the flirting and such. My husband is very open on his end and tells me all about flirting and more. I ENJOY hearing about it. Maybe I'm wrong by holding him to the same standards as my husband.

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Okay wow, well let me try this.

Did you set up when he's supposed to tell you? I ask my boyfriend if he's interested in anyone, or why he hasn't asked out the girl I KNOW he likes at work, but we've known each other YEARS now.

We've also discussed, in length, at what point I NEED to know things and want to know them. I NEED to know if there's sexual endeavors, for safety reasons. I LIKE to know about the flirting, and that he's talking to someone or going out. HOWEVER, it's not required. I like to know he's happy that he's dating, but I understand everyone has a different level of privacy they are comfortable with.

There are times I've been told just someone he is interested in but not asking out just yet. I've also been told after the fact that there was someone he was interested out, went out a few times, dinner, movie, and it didnt' work out.

He was CONSIDERING having sex with someone else and you feel it's a breach that he didn't tell you. Perhaps he was planning on telling you IF it became something? Perhaps he doesn't feel the need to tell you about every little step in a potential relationship. Maybe he felt it was like jinxing it if he tells you every time and nothing comes of it.

Just, another thing to think about.

What you feel you NEED to know and what you would LIKE to know are two different things and there's a lot of in between.
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