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Told M we are done as friends and the infatuation is over. It felt great to tell her to her face and it is awesome not to be told more lies. M and her kids had to move back in with her parents due to seperating from her abusive husband, but while there she neglects her priorities to party. Which is understandable being kinda single, no comment cause I cqn rqnt on for days. But good news is not feeling anything for someone undeserving of it.

A and me have been talking about the whole thing? Even the possibility of poly. I let her know its not my choice anymore, but hers if we do or not. She was speechless and appreciated me considering her feelings above mine. She is extremely important to me and if we move our relationship to that level I want her to know that she is in charge of it all. And I know if she is deciding it all it will be very beneficial for us both.

The baby experience is a gift daily. Not happy bout eavin them to go to work. I am reqdy for school so I can get a better career and be here for them both. More updates coming.
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