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Question Do you fight?

So does the great communication of a good poly (or mono, for that matter) relationship mean you don't have fights?

B and I had a knock down, drag out fight yesterday that made me think about all the comments I've read about how a relationship should be solid before you open it up.

Of course (yeah, sure...), this morning he says I was right, but I'm still getting over it.

And to clarify, he had his first colonoscopy yesterday, so maybe it was all about the drugs. But we do have other disagreements that are not calm, rational discussions, and I was wondering how disagreements work for other folks.




M - Me female, 59 - _trying_ to figure out if I'm poly
B - 56 - my husband for over 34 years
JP - 58 - my high school boyfriend, newly appeared in the picture after 38 years; very long distance; haven't actually seen him
A - 65? - JP's wife of over 30 years, who's not cool with things
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