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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
\Look, the biggest challenge for the two of you -- and for all of us -- is to come to terms with expectations. Those expectations that are placed on us by the larger society in which we live, the smaller cultures we regularly interact within, our families, and so on, are extremely hard to shake. The ideas we form about how we can live up to those expectations become internal belief systems that limit us or deceive us into thinking we are unhappy, unsatisfied (or should feel unhappy and unsatisfied), simply because the expectations haven't been met. But most people rarely stop to question whether the expectations are realistic or even in tune with who we are as people.


Expectations are the ultimate buzzkill, because they distort reality and take us out of the present. And, if you think about it, the present moment is actually all we ever have.
Originally Posted by Buddha
Desire is the root of evil, illusion is the root of evil.
Another reason I like poly is it encourages people to search for truth and wisdom, more often than not I agree with every point of your rant against shoulds...*shudders*

Originally Posted by LoveBunny
I suspect there will come a time, hopefully soon, when the OP will be ready to move her focus away from Hmmm and into something more mutual, with someone who considers her right for them just as she is.
Who knows where it may go? I have been encouraging the possibility of her finding someone else to be more of a "primary" lover for her, but in the end, whatever floats her boat and makes her feel valued and important will make her feel valued, important, content...and floaty

Originally Posted by LoveBunny
It's all ok. ... Do what you need to do to be comfortable in your own skin.
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