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Default All-righty, then!

My creativity has been challenged. Another thread asked, nay, pleaded for nicknames rather than initials. I have to admit, with P and M1 both beginning to date someone new, who I'm about to meet and am enjoying interacting with her on FB, I really don't want to make her M3 (since there already was an M2) because now people are starting to sound like BMW models.

I liked the anonymity of initials, but they do get confusing. I concede.

SO, from here on out, we've got nicknames.

P is henceforth known as Chops.
M1 will now be Xena.
New metamour/friend will be Noa.

You're welcome.

Anyway, today was a slow day, but over the weekend I resolved to finally get my ass up and moving again. I went from running regularly and teaching spinning classes, to running irregularly and teaching spinning, to not running at all but still teaching spinning, to hurting my back and doing jack squat. And now I'm putting on more weight and feeling it. I don't like not being able to bound up a flight of stairs without breathing hard at the top. Yuck.

So, we got the treadmill operational (after having it in the garage for over a year and a half, getting it into the cellar was the biggest hurdle!). Problem is that the belt is too loose and I only have metric hex wrenches, so no using it tomorrow (unless I go slowly) until I make a trip to Harbor Freight. Still... progress.

Got back on a spin bike for the first time since hurting my back (well, second time if you count the 5 minutes it took for me to try it out and nope right out of there because my back hurt too much). I got through a 45-minute class (as a student) without straining it too much (and I was able to change position when I needed to), and I managed to work out enough to have tired legs afterward. More progress. Going back Wednesday and hoping the motion limbers things up a bit. Baby steps.

Chops and I are meeting Noa for dinner next week, and I'm really looking forward to it (not nearly with as much trepidation as I had meeting the not-to-be-nicknamed M2, who isn't in the picture anymore). She and I have been interacting on Facebook, and she's a peach. Like I said earlier, I do believe we'd be friends even if Chops weren't involved, so that's huge. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of shooting the shit (and hopefully not shutting Chops out of the conversation... hee hee hee). She and I seem to have a lot in common, and she even has a yummy homebrew that she's going to deliver. Whee!

Nothing else too big on the Poly relationship front. Chops has been extremely attentive and loving and cuddly (I heart the cuddles and together time), and it's been a really good few days after the initial stress from the birthday gathering. Riding the wave.

And I'm trying to get off the internet a bit more and actually DO stuff. Getting the treadmill back in good shape is a nice project, but I've been playing around with installing a Plex server (cut the cable TV cord and I'm looking for any way to get HGTV). It's a good excuse to be geeky.

Family is up and down... Mom is in the middle of radiation treatments and she's doing really well (hooray!). Middle sister seems to again be in a bad emotional state, but she's at the point where she's realized that her decisions are what got her there, and (I hope) are what will get her back on her feet. Baby steps. I'm hoping this is a good thing, but time will tell. Fingers are crossed.

Tomorrow, I'll either head outside for some exercise or I'll hit the fitness center at work and bop around on their equipment for a while. I've got a family history of folks getting diabetic as they age (and bad habits creep in) and I would really like to avoid that. Hoping to get to the point where Chops and I can run a 5-mile race in May that we've done the last couple years together, but we'll see. I'm still hoping to run another half marathon by the end of the year. They have a nice seacoast one in November that may be doable.

So... goals. And again, riding the wave while things are good. Looking forward to Spring, though, and getting some air in the bike tires and getting out some more.

Oh... And Chops got a motorcycle. Gotta get me a helmet. Thinking a purple metal flake bubble helmet will be my style. I wonder if we can mod the bike to make Jetsons noises...
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