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Sometimes I use initials when I've just gone on a date or two with someone and don't know whether or not I will keep seeing that person. As soon as I think the relationship is going to continue, I put a lot of thought into the alias I will use here. Either that or they are an established friend in my life. I base my nicknames either on physical features or personality: Shorty (he's 6'5" tall), Burnsy (for his sideburns), Bony (skinny guy), Dreamy (no explanation needed), Cranky (could've been Whiney too), Lively (full of energy), and Chessy (for his chestnut brown complexion). I like to always end mine in -y to give myself a challenge (hey, don't steal my idea! Get your own suffix or prefix!). I try to make up aliases that really fit the guys in some way, and that makes it fun!

But count me as another person who cannot follow all the T's, M's, A's, P's, and so on. What it does is mixes me up on who is posting - I will confuse one member with another because they both are writing about people using the same initials. So then I can't really get as invested in their stories or give much feedback because I'm confused about who is who.
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