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Hello all, it has been a long time since the last post but thought I would finally update. J moved out, came back to get the rest of his things and we have not seen him since. D is ok with it since our love is strong and non ending for eachother. We have finally fallen back into our normal lives. We both wish it had worked out better but J just didn't choose our life together over his other life. Maybe too soon after his divorce, maybe just too much for him to comprehend...not sure there but although D and missed him and I missed seeing her that happy in the good times it is all good, we are doing well and still very much in love. Would we do it again...maybe if things were different. We have talked about the possibility but have not acted on it. We would be open to finding a female over a male if it happens again so we will see how life goes for us. Hard to believe things went from great to over that fast but guess thats the way life is sometimes. It was more about sex for J then the love and family that we are about. Please don't let this influence others to not try it....the only regret we have is that it had to end the way it did. We both wish J had been more in love then in lust but we will know if it happens again. Thanks for all the support from the readers of the blog...
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