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Been a while since I posted last. The weekend before Valentine's day I told Tighearn (SB from previous) that I loved him (he repeated the same). I know for some people that may seem early since we have only been taking since August and dating since November. Both of us through have felt like we have known each other longer than that and it's not too off course for me (told Woodsmith I loved him in October after meeting in August and Seven I had loved him in May after hooking up in February). Was very emotional for me because I was scared of feeling like that after the last person I loved hurting me like he did. Tighearn was very supportive and helpful though that.

Valentine's weekend was very nice. Had dinner dates both with Tighearn and with Woodsmith. Also attended a play party. Also was given permission to list myself as submissive to Tighearn even though there hasn't been an official training starting yet because in mindset we both view each other as dominant and submissive.

This past weekend was a strange one for me. Was at a sci-fi relax-a-con and during one of the room parties Seven asked to talk to me. Didn't really get much of the conservation done but I apologized for my bad reaction when he first broke up with me and for whatever pain I caused for starting a relationship with Tighearn before moving out. He apologized for breaking up for me, saying it was a mistake and he missed me. I let him know I wasn't wanting another relationship with him but if he still wanted to talk we could meet somewhere after the weekend and say our peace and if that leads to us becoming friends again I was open to it. Both Tighearn and Woodsmith were always up to date during the conservation and are okay with more talking. Tighearn's only requirements are that it's in a public place and I text him when I get there and when I leave.
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