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Well I guess I am fine with continuing to write here - it seems to provide some sort of outlet, even I I don't necessarily have the urge to write bunches all the time. PRA knows I have a blog, he's actually read it here and has encouraged me to keep it up. So it feels nice to be supported in that way. I don't have any secrets anyway.

Gosh I could look at him for hours and hours. I catch myself looking at him and smiling all the time. It's a different kind of feeling than I had with M. I don't ever feel unimportant or marginalized.

Today we both are wearing Star Wars shirts and black converse sneakers - completely by accident. Too sweet, right?

I am actually buying a car for my daughter today, so PRA and I are sitting together in the MVA while I am writing this. Boring as hell, but sweet that he was willing to bring me here and sit for what seems like forever with me. We have a date on Friday to go to Medieval Times for dinner. Should be fun.

So far, things are going well, from my perspective. He is sexually awesomesauce and though I am still quick to recharge and want to have another go, his drive seems to completely match mine. He is rough when I want it rough, he is loving and caring lots and like I said, I could watch him for hours.

I am in this for the long term. I am blissfully happy.
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