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I almost feel like I would do better with all or nothing.
You know you best. If you are an "all or nothing" type -- and you want to heal? Then let all contact with Serena go for now go so you can be ABLE to heal.

That isn't running away from dealing with the relationship. That's accepting a romance shape cannot happen right now with her.
That isn't running away from healing. That is making it so you CAN heal at this point in time.
That isn't running away from honoring your agreement -- it is prioritizing. Remember the agreement?
We bother have children and agreed early on that our own families need to come first.
Disappointing right now, yes. But nobody says you can't start a new friendship with Serena down the line LATER when both of you are no longer emotionally raw, when the husbands are not emotionally raw. Renew contact then at THAT point in time if you want to then. Right now, focus on self care, healing, and talking things out with your husband that you want to know about.


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