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"Stormchaser Mags"...

Glad you made it to, and are enjoying Florida. You missed a couple warmish days up this way, but I'm doubting you really "missed" them, given where you are.

And from this Mono chick, you don't sound bad at anything - lots of stuff going on, lots of emotions, all sorts of hither-and-yon, and at least the situation that got you upset is one in which both people care greatly for you, which ought to help.

Cripes, I feel like a complete problem child sometimes and occasionally go to the "if I only were poly / understood how he/they feel, then I wouldn't be such a ginormous pain" school of thought. Because all poly folks have their shit together all the time, right?

Thanks for being human. This is why I love the blogs - advice boards are good for giving the best advice we can think of. The blog board is us being us, and being imperfect. I can relate much better to that.
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