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Unhappy How do I move on?

Last Fall I met Serena. My hubby joined fabswingers and thought it would be fun. It was great until I fell in love with here. We're both married and we're looking for anything of this intensity. But have it. We all four swapped and made love together and we were all enjoying ourselves...right up untill we wanted time alone together.

This was not our first time experimenting nor my first time in love with a women. Now I have two unhappy endings in poly because of my husband jelousy, my unkowing what to chance because every attempt to change what our husband didn't like or wanted wasn't good enough and apperently not really what they wanted. Her hubby gave her a very hard time the more we all spent time together.

She ended it over two months ago due to the hell her hubby was making life. We are working on being friends via fb and talking here and there. We live 3 hrs away from eachother so we haven't seen one another for over 3 months.

What I feel I'm having the most trouble with is decieding if what i felt ad feel is love and what to do now that we cannot pursue a relationship due to our hubbby's. The other thing I don't know what do about is wanting a women counterpart so badly in my life that I want to find another women...but I truly don't think my husband could ever really be ok with me shareing my love. And I don't just want some chick I want Serena.

I am totally confused and just don't know what is right.
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