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Meera - your flailing is probably less risky, ha. I could do better at thinking things through in advance. Too often I question "how could this go wrong?" almost while I'm doing something, rather than beforehand! Well, there are pros and cons to both approaches

The past week-or-so I've been dodging sickness from work colleagues and others, but it seems I've finally succumbed to some gunky lurgy. Sore throat, blocked face, body run-down. Oh wellz.

In other news, a recent conversation has made me rethink how I blog on here. I haven't actively shared this blog with friends or lovers, but I keep in mind that's it's a public forum, and could be stumbled upon. My general approach has been that since I'm writing about me and my life from my perspective, the other people in my story - given the context - wouldn't be too upset about it, should they find out that I had blogged about them.

Turns out that I may have been wrong to assume this.

I wanted to share some links from this forum with someone, and I felt I should give them a heads-up that I also had blogged on here. They asked whether I had written about them, and I said yes. They then said that they felt I had breached their privacy.

We haven't had a chance to talk further about this topic. Maybe it was a passing feeling, and won't be a big issue in the end. But: pause for thought.

Personally, I've found the blogs on here to be one of the most useful resources for navigating non-monogamous relationships. I'm grateful to read other people's stories.

Also, keeping my own journal has helped me tease out my own thoughts and feelings, gain insights.

That said, much as I love the community here, maybe this isn't the right forum for talking about the intimate details of my relationships.

Anyway. There's probably a middle ground My head is too heavy to think about it right now. Will probably just see how things go. As usual. Happy Monday!

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