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Popped over to see Roomie and discussed it a little more. Clarified a few things in my head. All in all it was fun and L sent Prof some texts in the morning saying she had fun. Roomie said I need to stop worrying about and putting other people's emotions before mine and whatever had upset her she needed to work it out with Prof. Sage advice
So that was Friday night and Saturday morning. I came home for an hour and then headed back out to meet my friends for lunch. It turned into most of the day, very lovely.
Prof scootered over at 5pm and we went to the DMV parking lot to practice. I went out on the road by myself!!!!! It was round a quiet residential area, but I did really well, stopped at the stop signs and didn't stall once did some left turns too. Came back here and Prof took the scooter keys of the key ring and said he was leaving it with me the week while he was out of town. EEEK. Do not be imaging this is a modern light automatic scooter. It is old, very heavy and quirky with clutch gears, choke and kick starter. I took it out the gym this morning, I was shaking like a leaf when I got there, I had to go on the main road, but relaxed more on the way home.
I had another night at Prof's and he made a fab breakfast in bed this morning. We spent the majority of the weekend together. 2 evenings and 2 over nights this week, but I won't see him next at all next week.
I feel like this weekend was a real break, but I do need to go and work on my class
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Kip: 50s male.
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