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Lots of Prof. Monday evening and Tuesday evening.
We had the 3way on Friday night. Interesting experience, not sure I would do fmf again. We had a super fun dinner, 2 bottles of champagne, Prof got both of us a dozen red roses and choccies too.
We all arrived back at Prof's and they both said they were incredibly nervous and excited. I hadn't hd time to think about it and was calm and relaxed. I wanted to follow their lead.
Then back to his, we had some BD play, I did not like seeing him spank and hit her. I thought it looked painful even though she enjoyed it. To clarify, I would not enjoy seeing anyone get spanked or hit, nothing to with the fact it was Prof. I can't watch movies with what I call "real violence" Fight Club or things like that.
into the bed. L was interested in some girl play, asked very respectfully, I declined, she had already asked at dinner and I said probably not and clarified that Prof should have told her that already, which he had. I think she was a little offended. There was hugging and caressing and holding hands.
I think I found it more interesting and a bit weird than anything else. Seeing your partner play with another partner, I am really very quiet. She was quite loud with moaning and requests and talked a lot. I thought Prof was impatient with her at times, I haven't seen that side of him before. I think she felt left out at points, maybe jealous, and walked off for "breaks" quite a lot. I wasn't jealous at all and would redirect Prof to her. I think she found it hard to be around me as I am so quiet, I did try to reassure her that I was fine and happy and I thought she was beautiful and sexy. She left around 12, although I thought we were all spending the night. As she left she said, " he doesn't need me, he has you."
more later...
Me: 40s female
Kip: 50s male, married.
Prof: 50s male.
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