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I understand questioning whether someone is being truthful (although I don't believe people set out to consciously lie; more like they are not honest with themselves or hope the can live up to what they are saying). That said, given the depression, I wonder too if your insecurities caused you to doubt when there wasn't any valid reason to. I ask this because I was in a relationship with a couple in which the wife's feelings skewed her perception of reality. As an example: the husband and I would decide a walk would be fun. We'd ask her to go. She would decline - and then accuse us of excluding her. I bring this up because you seemed to have trouble accepting their assurances, choosing to doubt when their was nothing obvious in their behavior or words to indicate they were being less than honest.

Secondly, "blowing you off because their child was home from school." Seriously? A kid's needs, that parent-child relationship is going to come first. Always. Yeah, sometimes it is disappointing to have to reschedule plans, but the fact that you got angry about it - I can see why he was put off.

Nonetheless, I understand that this was traumatic. I am sorry. I hope you feel better soon.
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