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Wow, a few months is quite generous on your part. Very, very generous! I could not allow a third party to manage a relationship of mine for any length of time. She says she feels guilty but is imposing her fear-based restrictions on you anyway. IMHO, she should only be responsible for her relationship with her husband, and for her relationship with you - but she is interfering with her husband's relationship with you and that is rather domineering. It sounds like she sees marriage as ownership -- rather than full partnership -- and because of that belief, is simply not ready for the realities of what having an open marriage entails.

Personally, getting involved with someone whose spouse is not completely on board and respectful of everyone's autonomy is something I would back away from, no matter how much I wanted to be with the guy. Reasonable time management/scheduling issues are the only restrictions I would allow. No one who isn't part of my relationship has any right to dictate what I can feel, say, or physically do with any partner of mine.
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