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Now, I am back on the east coast of Florida. Yesterday we a a nice hour or so at the pool, got some sun, and I swam as hard as I could, considering my still convalescent state, for a solid half hour. I figured it would help my stress levels.

Then we had lunch in the condo, packed up and bid farewell to Dad. That is a whole other area of stress, he refuses to move to my sister's side of the state, and he really needs more care, but is incredibly stubborn and won't move. He has Asperger's too, is entirely selfish. And he drinks too much. Bleh.

So, we got outa there and had the 3 hour road trip across the state. I had chatted with Ginger in the morning... he seemed a bit stressed out, but the weather was warming, so that was one positive.

I could have fallen asleep in the car, but I wanted to keep my sister company so I kept myself awake chatting with her and Aunt. Once we got to her place, I napped for an hour or so.

Then it was dinner time so we got in the car. Sister's husband was out golfing with their daughter's bf (we'd heard rumors he was going to ask for her hand in marriage, so that was in the back of all our minds!).

Big purple clouds were suddenly piling up, I was taking pix of them, and then my phone alert for severe weather went off! Tornadoes warning just north of us, take cover! But we didn't, we carried on to the restaurant. Living on the edge, us old ladies.

Had a nice seafood dinner. Sister got a text from her h, after 25 holes of golf, boy did ask for daughter's hand. So that was all cute and adorable and my sister was thrilled, she likes boy.

When we came out, the storm had just started, thunder and lightning and a tropical downpour. Exciting!

After that, TV watching and I chatted online with miss p. For some reason our texts hadn't been reaching each other all day. I didn't hear from Ginger, since I knew he was out at the kirtan even if not accompanied by Buddhist. He never did sign onto chat before I went to bed.

So, a more or less peaceful day, and I slept well with enjoyable dreams. The night before I'd dreamt of child murder and riots at the Olympics.
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