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Another month is almost past and our adventure proceeds. I hardly know where to begin. Probably where I left off

No more overnights yet. A is on a solo vacation in a tropical paradise and the two or three weeks before she left were extremely busy for her as she had to bank hours at work and plan her adventure. I didn't do too well with her not being as available. I don't like having a needy feeling for her. I just want to be satisfied with the time we do share together. I missed her so much though that it made me cry. Twice. I've felt tears welling up for her before but this was the first time they actually rolled down my cheeks.

Meanwhile, J and M are getting along well. I helped M with the move into her new house a couple weeks ago and she told me, "I don't want to meet A." So I was quite surprised when I saw that they added each other as friends on FB and even more surprised when I noticed them chatting on there.

The next big surprise was about a week later when J sent me a friend request. I accepted of course. it took me a week to finally thank him for the add. His reply, "Hey no problem. I guess we are all family now, right?" with a smile tacked on the end.

I answered, "I hope so."

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