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Then I had to go to baggage claim and get my luggage. At this point it was 7pm so I had dinner and a large glass of wine. Then I had to find a place to charge my phone, and all I could find was an outlet on a pole in baggage and I had to sit on the floor while it charged. I'd been texting Ginger and phoning miss pixi and my sister throughout all the cancellation bs.

Then I looked for a relatively safe area to set myself down until 3:30 am when I could recheck my bag and go through security. I dozed a bit, on and off, in a chair with my feet on my luggage. It sucked, my back hurt worse. Finally at 3:30 I checked my bag, but security had a long line and I barely made my flight.

But I did and we took off for Charlotte NC. I slept one hour of the 2 hour flight. Then I had to run to a different concourse in Charlotte, and I was the last person on the plane! Sheesh.

Finally I got in my sister's car and we had to drive across Florida immediately. Since I was a day late, things were fucked up. Our aunt was flying down too, but over in Ft Myers, nearer our dad's place. We had meant to drive over the previous day and spend the night, then go get Aunt, but now we had to do it at the last minute.

We got her and drove to Dad's. I was a ZOMBIE. I took a 3 hour nap. We got takeout for dinner.

After dinner and socializing I got online, and Ginger told me Buddhist had just broken up with him in chat!
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