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A lot has happened since my last update. In household news, the pod was finally removed from my driveway. It was touch and go since it was covered in and surrounded by snow (my landlord had done most of it). I had to do some last minute shoveling while the pod guy got the support structure around it to raise it and get it on the truck.

But that was done, I got my van back in the driveway and then we had another big snowstorm. And then another.

Ginger had another date with Buddhist, and she had a few copies of a memoir her mother wrote and gave him a copy. They made plans for the following weekend (like, tonight) to have her come out to the burbs and go to this "kirtan," which is a Buddhist call and response chanting thing. And she was to spend the night.

Then on Wed he dropped me at the airport and I attempted to fly to Fla. But lo and behold, yet anotther storm delayed us getting in the air at 1pm. We boarded at 3:30, taxied for a while, got de-iced. Then the pilot said the Phila airport was closed. This was where I was to make my next connection. Then he said the main door of the plane was malfunctioning and we were going back to the terminal! So, we'd spent 2 hours cooped up in those seats for nothing.

At least my seatmate was nice, that helped to pass the time.

Once I got back inside the terminal, I was stressed out and my back hurt. Many people got in line to rebook flights but I didnt have the energy til I had a Coke for some caffiene. I finally got in line, stood for an hour and a half, finally got rebooked for 5am the next day.
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